Cute Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cute Baby Shower Themed Cupcakes

baby shower cupcake design

Are you looking for cupcake decorating ideas for a baby shower party for someone who’s expecting a baby girl or a boy? Then, you can try  these cute Baby Shower Cupcakes. These cupcakes will surely add color to your party and also bring celebration to your family.

You can easily make these lovely cupcakes at home with little bit of creativity. All you need is some plain cupcakes which you can bake yourself or you can buy them from supermarket. Then you can top these cupcakes first with plain vanilla frosting. On top of this frosting you can place some cute cute little colorful animals to decorate the cupcake. You would need different colored icing for making these cute animals -  light blue for making an elephant and hippo, yellow for cat, duck and deer, white for swans, green for pea in the pod and pink for turtles. Then arrange all these cupcakes on a round table for your baby shower celebration. Aren’t they looking cute?

You are sure to receive praise from your guests for these cute baby shower cupcake design. And they would also savor the taste of these delicious cupcakes. You can see more of such baby shower themed cupcakes at Cupcake Decorating Ideas.

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